Our working environment should be a place where all employees come to carry out their day to day tasks, with no harm coming to them or others around them. Since the 1970’s, the working environment has changed dramatically. Previously we lived in an era of people being treated like indestructible work horses, breathing in our colleague’s cigarette smoke, no personal protective equipment and minimal health and safety legislation; to a structured, clean, detoxifying and health and safety conscious culture. How did changes like this come to be? The improvement in the standards of health and safety, that being said; here are some other reasons why upholding the standards of health and safety today outweigh ignoring them.

Fewer Injuries = Less Time Off

If you worked in a more dangerous environment than any of your peers, without taking or being provided with the necessary precautions, we can almost guarantee your number of near misses and accidents will be higher than those peers. You will know as an employer or manager, that injuries mean necessary time off to make sure that the injury is not aggravated and time off means losing those hours of work from your employees… Time is money.

Perception from the Public

Everybody has the right to an opinion and that means that even if you put on the best service in the world, you’ll still get one or two complainers and that’s normal. However, now with technology and things like trip advisor it has become harder and harder to publicly deny a shoddy performance. By having less accident reports and doing your best to maintain health and safety standards you can improve your perception from the public.

Less Legal Fees

We can guarantee that an employer with more accidents and injuries on his watch has definitely paid more out in legal fees than an employer with less accidents and injuries. This is because people tend to put in a claim, if they are hurt to cover anything from simply guaranteeing that they will get paid to cover their time off, to re-imbursement for physical, mental, or social damages. That is why achieving maintaining health and safety standards is important. If you enjoyed this article you can find many more helpful management style blogs on our site. If you’re looking to implement a type of health and safety management system then we urge you to check out the ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety system here.