PAS 99 Integrated Management Systems

If you hold multiple Management Systems (e.g. ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015ISO 45001:2018 certification etc) you can integrate all systems into one and achieve an integrated Management System Standard, PAS 99.

Many organisations now operate multiple ISO Management Systems. Prior to Annex SL, organisations operating multiple Management Systems had one set of documentation covering quality, another set documentation covering environmental, another set covering health and safety etc. Documentation became uncontrollable as there were many different manuals, procedures, policies and documentation covering the different Management Systems.

Annex SL and PASS 99 now enable organisations to have one system, one manual, one policy, one set of procedures covering several standards.

Benefits of PAS 99

The more Management Systems you have in place, the more your business will benefit. Managing one integrated system is far more effective than managing multiple systems. PAS 99 integrated management systems allows you to streamline the way you operate, align all common standard requirements and cut the cost of separate audits and administration.

  • Meet all standard requirements with one set of policies and procedures
  • Audit more than one system at a time to save money and resources
  • Improve overall efficiency by removing the need to duplicate tasks
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities highlight common objectives
  • Make it easier to continually improve all your management systems

Is my business suitable for PAS 99?

It does not matter the size of your business. Small and medium-sized businesses can have just as many certified management systems in place as larger companies. That means you can get just as many benefits from implementing PAS 99. We can help you take the hard work out of managing more than one system at the same time.

Find out how we can make the world’s first specification for integrated management systems work for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today if you want to achieve PAS 99 or if you would like further information.

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