SIA ACS Accreditation

GGain SIA ACS Accreditation in Staffordshire and anywhere UK wide with the use of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). This is system set up by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). The ACS operates in parallel with the standards for security services. When you have achieved all of the criteria set by the SIA,  you will be issued with the SIA/ACS logo and accreditation for you to display. By displaying this logo, your customers will feel safer and more confident about your services, prospective customers and employees that they’ve chosen to work with a reputable organisation, who care about their security.

SIA approved contractors and organisations seeking approval must conform with the ACS standard to demonstrate necessary capability and effectiveness in the operation of their business and in the protection of people, property and premises

The ACS Standard consists of 7 criteria:

  1. Strategy – an SIA Approved Contractor as a clear strategic direction enabling it to deliver value to all stakeholders.
  2. Service Delivery – an SIA Approved Contractor has robust processes  place that ensure service delivery its customers and stakeholders.
  3. Commercial Relationship Management – an SIA Approved Contractor promotes robust and transparent commercial relationships with its customers , consumers and suppliers. Founded on mutual trust and respect.
  4. Financial Management – an SIA Approved Contractor  financially viable with sufficient resources to meet its current and future obligations.
  5. Resource Management – an SIA Approved Contractors sufficient technical sources to sustain its business, meeting the relevant industry standards.
  6. People – an SIA Approved Contractor develops and implements plans to ensure its people are suitably trained.
  7. Leadership – an SIA Approved Contractor has effective leadership

Who should consider applying?

The ACS standard is applicable to any organisation that provides licensable security services as defined in the Private Security Act 2001.
It is appropriate for all sectors and sizes of organisation within the industry as it allows organisations to develop their own methods of working within the guidelines laid down within the standard.

The standard does not specifically require the development of a documented quality management system. However, an organisation will have to demonstrate to an assessor how its chosen methods are effective in delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and a sustainable business. Many organisations will achieve this through documented procedures
and records.

What are the benefits of SIA ACS approval?

  • SIA ACS certification shows commitment to quality, customers, and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency;
  • Illustrates that the security personnel you provide are comprehensively trained in their role;
  • Marketing opportunities—and an effective competitive edge over competitors;
  • Gives your potential customer(s) confidence in the quality of service or role you will undertake for them;
  • Once accredited, your company could approach larger companies with a view to becoming a sub-contractor for them.

SIA ACS Accreditation Staffordshire & Nation Wide

Step 1
Complete our enquiry form and a member of our team of ISO 9001 Consultants Birmingham will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Step 2
Once we have ascertained your requirements (timescales, type of company, the size etc) we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation.

Step 3 
Should you accept the quotation we will conduct a gap analysis on your system, in the same manner a third party certification body would, to identify areas where you are and are not meeting the requirements of the standard. Following the results, we will then begin working on your Management System to bring it inline with the requirements. Dates will be arranged to visit your office/s at your convenience to start implementing the system within your organisation.

Step 4
Once we have corrected any issues identified during the gap analysis visit, we will implement the actions at your organisation.

Step 5
Training will be provided to the relevant personnel on the changes made to the Management System. This will ensure everyone in the organisation is aware of the changes and their purpose.

Step 6
We will ascertain quotations from relevant certification bodies on your behalf. Saving your employees administration time. For initial assessment, there is a two stage process. We can be there to assist you throughout both stages to ensure your assessment is hassle and stress free.

Step 7
Your organisation receives the ISO certificate is deserves which you can promote to your customers and other interested parties.

Dynamik Management Services offer free telephone, email and zoom communication throughout the entire process.

Begin the effective process with us today by completing the enquiry form. A friendly member of our team will be in touch.

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