Leadership – Where does it start?

Leadership within the new ISO Standards applies to each clause, however clause 5 has been given the title leadership. Leadership as always been in the ISO Standards (previously found within Management Responsibility) but was not always fully considered. We now have Annex SL to thank as they have made it a main clause within the ISO standards. Leadership, like in every organisation, starts from the top. Without a strong leader or a strong management team, an organisation can easily lose direction. Thousands of businesses close each year due to poor management. ISO assists organisations to install a structure with all emphasis coming from the top.

What do we have to do?

The ISO standards require top management to do the following:

  • take accountability for the effectiveness of the Management System;
  • ensuring the policy statement and objectives are established, linked and relevant to the organisation’s strategic direction;
  • ensuring the integration of the Management System requirements into the business processes;
  • promote the use of a process approach and risked based thinking;
  • ensuring that resources needed for the Management System are available;
  • communicating the importance of an effective Management System;
  • ensuring the Management System achieves its intended results;
  • engaging, directing and supporting people to contribute to the effectiveness of the Management System;
  • promote improvement;
  • support other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

How do we prove we are doing this?

Through actions, records and interviewing. In our next blog, we will cover some key questions as to what external Auditors may expect to see. Top Management are now required to be available for each audit and will be interviewed as part of the assessment process.

Are you struggling to engage top management within your organisation? If you are you are not alone as this is very common. However, engaging top management is so crucial for any business to succeed and needs to be rectified immediately.

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