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matt Brachmanski

Events and subcontracting guidance

With the event season entering a busy period, we want to remind you of your responsibilities when using subcontractors or labour providers when delivering security industry services.

We are aware that some security businesses will make use of labour providers to meet operational demands.

An SIA approved contractor or security business may have several income streams. Some may fall outside of the scope of the SIA and the ACS. The provision and supply of labour may be one and therefore there is no guarantee that the individual(s) supplied meet the requirements of the ACS.

Approved contractors need to be confident that the individuals deployed are who they say they are, and are fit and proper, hold a valid licence and are legitimate irrespective of whether they have been sourced from another approved contractor.

Please ensure you follow HMRC guidance regarding due diligence record keeping for the use of labour providers.

Details on due diligence for the use of labour providers can be found on the HMRC website