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matt Brachmanski

Many organisations are not aware of BS EN ISO 9004:2018. Guidance to achieve sustained success. If you have implemented ISO 9001:2015 and are struggling for ways to improve, you can refer to ISO 9004 for continual improvement ideas. The update has now been published, building on the previous edition with a substantial revision.

The standard promotes a long-term, holistic approach to achieving sustained success through pro-active leadership and building a positive organisational culture.

ISO 9004 provides guidance on:

• Managing organisational identify by addressing culture, vision and values
• Embedding quality management throughout the organisation
• Understanding and meeting the needs of all relevant interested parties rather than just focusing on customer satisfaction
• Taking emerging issues such as social responsibility, environmental management and wider cultural factors into account
• Understanding the organisation’s context and its impact on sustained success

It also includes practical self-assessment tools to help users evaluate the organization’s current situation and monitor improvement.

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