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matt Brachmanski

An extract from UKAS certification body CCAS – “With the United Kingdom scheduled to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019, there are concerns over what effect this might have on UK organisations which hold ISO certification.
CCAS remains confident that ISO certification will remain unaffected and will continue to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of UK businesses.
Furthermore, ISO standards such as 9001 & 14001, are internationally recognised and therefore, organisations which achieve and maintain these standards will continue to be awarded with a globally recognised trademark.
Once the UK leaves the European Union, UKAS will remain a member of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum). The IAF is the world’s association of Conformity Assessment Accreditation Bodies. The main function of the IAF is to develop a world-wide program of conformity assessment which promotes the elimination of non-tariff barriers to trade. IAF membership includes accreditation bodies from all parts of the world (including Europe, USA and Russia) along with industry representatives and accredited certification bodies. This therefore, further supporting that ISO certification within the United Kingdom will remain unaffected after Brexit”