Management systems, such as the ISO model, have provided companies with a standardised benchmark to work from and a set of procedures to adhere to, in order to create a greater company image, greater number of sales and a greater standard of workplace for both employees and employers. ISO 14001:2015 is titled “Environmental Management Systems” and specifically addresses environmental outputs that an organisation exerts into the surroundings, working towards a greener standard of production.

What does ISO 14001:2015 outline:

  • Protecting the environment by preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts
  • Migrating the potential adverse effect of environmental conditions on the organisation
  • Assisting the organisation in the fulfilment of compliance obligations
  • Enhancing environmental performance
  • Controlling or influencing the way the organisations products and services are designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed and disposed of by using a life cycle perspective.
  • Achieving financial and operational benefits that can result from implementing environmentally sound alternatives that strengthen the organisations market position
  • Communicating environmental information to relevant interested parties.

Why should organisations adopt an Environmental Management System?

Becoming ISO 14001:2015 certified has a lot of benefits:

  • Increase company reputation
  • Provides employers, employees and customers that your company is environmentally friendly
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce waste to the environment
  • Increase sales by becoming ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Increase self sufficiency

Being ISO 14001:2015 certified does not only help out the environment, by reducing wastes and in-efficient production but can actually increase saleability of your business by becoming more efficient within the environment and conveying a greener ethos towards an audience who will really care about the life cycle of the product and are more environmentally conscious. All of this can lead to an increase in interest and sales for your organisation as well as keeping an eye to the future for the environment. Employees will even notice the difference and become more engaged with your company and it will be a better place to come and work as time goes on.

Why choose Dynamik Management?

Environmental Management Systems require a great deal of care attention to set up, but once you’ve got it and can understand how to work with it, you’re on your way! We understand you require precision and support when it comes to certifying as an environmentally friendly managed organisation. If you would like to become certified today you can contact us here (link) and get a quote from us.