Customer Focus

Customers are the single most important aspect to any business. Without customers, there would not be a turnover. Without turnover, we cannot make a profit and without making a profit, businesses will eventually shut. Thousands of businesses are shutting throughout the UK partly due to not satisfying their customers; resulting in customers leaving for their competitors. The companies that have an outstanding customer focus are the businesses that are thriving. Strong customer focus leads to a strong company brand, resulting in many benefits such as: returning customers.

One of the worlds richest men, Sir Richard Branson, has built a business empire. Sir Richard Branson provided an insight into his customer focus here in this video. Sir Richard Branson explains that Virgin and it’s competitors purchase the same products from the same manufactures. However, it is the service and customer focus you receive from Virgin that separates them from their competitors.

Customer Focus in ISO

In one of our previous blog posts, we identified that a successful Management System is built upon seven quality principles. The first of these quality principles is customer focus. Receiving money from happy customers who have benefited from your products or services is a fantastic feeling. Customers will not purchase from you if you are not focusing on what they want. Bad customer focus can stem from and include any from the list:

  • not providing the products or services your customers want;
  • providing products and services your customers want which are of poor quality;
  • failing to identify your customer’s needs and expectations;
  • poor communication between you and your customers;
  • not providing the quality of service which your customers have paid for;
  • employees not been trained and made aware of the importance of customer satisfaction which can lead to customers not returning.

Cost issues?

If you are running a business but know you can improve your customers satisfaction, it may be a cost issue that is holding you back. For example, the cost of additional training, a management system software upgrade or improving the quality of your products. What should be looked at is the cost of NOT implementing additional training, the cost of NOT upgrading the company’s management software and the cost of NOT improving the quality of products you provide. Most companies simply cannot afford to not improve their business and/or processes which will result in happier customers who will return for your services.

If you are struggling to install a customer focused working environment within your organisation, contact Dynamik to see how we can help you achieve your goals.