What is a Quality Policy Statement?

The Quality Policy Statement is a requirement of the ISO 9001 Standard. Many organisations struggle to understand the purpose of the Quality Policy Statement and underestimate its true value. The Quality Policy Statement is typically a one page document which describes the organisation’s vision and commitment with respect to quality. The policy contains statements of intent which the organisation is determined to follow.

Due to their struggles, many organisations have searched on Google for examples of Quality Policy statements and adopted the policy found within their company. Although some policies may “look good”; they could bring a lot of problems. Any policy statement has to be specific to each organisation. Copying a generic policy statement and inserting your company logo does not make your policy specific to you. It may also contain statements which are not of the company’s aim. The policy is the destination of where the company wants to end up. If the policy is incorrect or if the policy is not being followed, the company can end up in the wrong direction with the wrong results.

Requirements of a Policy Statement

Management need to ensure that the policy is appropriate to the purpose and strategic direction of the organisation. Management are required to determine what the plans are for the business and the direction in which it needs to go. Each organisation is in a different position to their competitors/suppliers/customers/neighbours which calls for policies to be appropriate to each business. This is the first steps of producing a Quality Policy Statement.

If you are looking to achieve ISO 9001 certification, the policy must include:

  1. include a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements;
  2. include a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system.


Once the Quality Policy Statement has been established, it must be communicated throughout the organisation. Employees need to be aware of the direction the company is working towards so they can assist with the process. The policy can be communicated through the following methods:

  • employee induction training
  • tool box talks
  • appraisals
  • having a copy on staff notice boards
  • having a copy on the company website

Next Steps

We have spoken about a “Quality” Policy Statement. However, the exact same above applies for an Environmental Policy Statement, an Information Security Policy Statement and a Health and Safety Policy Statement.

If you are struggling with your quality, environmental, information security or health and safety aspirations, contact us to see how we can help take the pressure off your responsibilities