Business’ aren’t just for the CEO’s benefits… A business is many things at once. It keeps the industry going, it makes a difference the financial health of the nation, it keeps our country motivated to continually produce service after service and most importantly it gives ordinary people a living and keeps their lifestyles sustained. So, when you look at all that as a business owner, you can only think “Wow, I’m actually responsible for a lot of very important things here”, naturally you can see why business’ need to be continually improving and building.

Continuous improvement is better known as the coined term, “Kaizen” and it is a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining practices and reducing waste. The practice was formalised by the popularity of Lean and Agile business models in manufacturing and business, and it is now being used by thousands of companies all over the world to identify savings opportunities. Many of these practices can be combined for formidable results to continuous improvement

While many companies practice a formal version of a Lean / Agile method, other companies enjoy the flexibility of continuous improvement as a practice while reserving the right to deviate whenever an informal approach is required.


Continuous improvement is seen as a formal practice or an informal set of guidelines. Many of organisations have shifted their focus to a more formal approach to project and process management such as Lean / Agile methods.


  • Reduce Costs

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Streamline production line

  • Prevent Overages

Continual improvement is a Lean improvement technique that helps to streamline productions. Efficient workflows save time and most importantly money, allowing you to reduce wasted time, cost and effort, all in one swift, singular process.

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