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Leadership (Part 2)

Top Management Top Management must demonstrate leadership. We covered this on our previous blog, go back to our previous blog if you have not seen it yet. The importance of Top Management demonstrating leadership is now critical should companies be looking to achieve...

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Leadership (Part 1)

Leadership - Where does it start? Leadership within the new ISO Standards applies to each clause, however clause 5 has been given the title leadership. Leadership as always been in the ISO Standards (previously found within Management Responsibility) but was not...

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Context of organisation

Context of organisation Context of organisation is clause 4 of Annex SL and the new ISO Standards. Since its introduction, organisations now have to determine internal and external issues that are relevant to its purpose and strategic direction of their Management...

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Quality management systems (QMS) are a collection of business processes which focus on consistently meeting customer requirements and good customer satisfaction levels ... It is expressed as the organisational goals and aspirations, policies, processes and steps...

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