1) Internal Audits are carried out to ensure the organisation is meeting the requirements of the British Standards, their own internal requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements. Internal Audits on every aspect of the Management System must be carried out at planned intervals, usually minimum once per annum. The purpose of conducting internal audits is to ensure the implemented policies, procedures and processes are being followed and are effective. The skills of the Internal Auditor are to identify any areas that are effective, are not effective and to identify any causes for concern and any opportunities for improvement. If you are preparing for an external audit by a certification body, internal audits carried out properly will minimise the risk of any nonconformities being identified; saving your company’s reputation, time and money.

2) Second party Auditing is where the company would carry out an audit on their supplier. This would be to ensure the supplier has high standards and their internal systems are effective.

3) Third party Audits are where a company will be audited by an external certification body such as BSI and CCAS. Upon a successful assessment, a certificate of recognition will be issued to demonstrate their system has met UKAS requirements.


Dynamik Management Services Ltd have years of experience not only conducting internal and external audits, but auditing the effectiveness of internal audits produced by quality professionals.

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